How to Keep Skin Young and Healthy

How to Keep Skin Young and Healthy

HealthySkinSecretsfor EveryoneWhile we might remember to exercise daily and eat our vegetables, many of us are neglecting to care for our skin. Exposure to too much sun, unhealthy habits, and stress, can actually cause our skin to look older than it really is – and no one wants that! Healthy skin is, of course, associated with younger looking skin, but more than that, taking care of our entire body is always the best method for overall health.

Eat vitamin-C rich foods

These foods are rich in antioxidants, which help rid the skin of the free radicals that cause damage. Free radicals can be troublemakers in the body and antioxidants are the good guys that keep them under control.

Eating foods high in vitamin-C and other antioxidant rich foods including cranberries, blueberries, blackberries, artichokes, green leafy vegetables, and sweet potatoes, just to name a few, not only keeps your meals interesting and delicious, but can increase the health of your skin too! When grocery shopping and meal planning, incorporate richly colored vegetables for maximum health benefits.

Eat foods with omega-3 fatty acids

Despite years of low fat suggestions, our bodies actually need healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids – especially for healthy skin because these fats help promote elasticity in our skin. Where can you find these good fats? Eggs and salmon are both high in omega-3 fatty acids, as are edamame, flaxseed oil, beef, and nuts.

Although beef and nuts can be excellent sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, they can also be problematic. Conventional beef is also high in omega-6 fatty acids, which actually promote inflammation, so choose grass-fed beef when possible. Nuts, extremely healthy on their own, are often roasted in vegetable oils that are high in omega-6 fatty acids. Look for dry roasted or raw nuts instead.

Drink water

Water is vital to our very existence so it just makes sense to reach for water over any other beverage. I recently completed a 30 day challenge of drinking one gallon of water every day. In almost no time, I was feeling better, had more energy, and was sleeping better at night. Aside from the overall health benefits of drinking enough water every day, staying hydrated will keep your skin from drying out, which means healthier and younger looking skin.

As we go into the summer months here in Phoenix, AZ, and all over the southwest, please remember to drink enough water! Dehydration is extremely dangerous and something we need to be aware of here in the desert. Click here to read about signs of dehydration.

Keep your skin clean & moisturized

Our skin is out in the world every day being exposed to dirt, pollution, bacteria, and make-up. Washing your face every day helps protect it from clogged pores and breakouts – both of which are hard on the skin. Be sure to use a gentle face wash that matches your skin’s needs. After washing, apply a moisturizer to keep your skin well-hydrated. Many daily moisturizers now include some form of sunblock also. If you prefer a more natural approach to moisturizing, Live Simply has a very nice homemade moisturizer recipe.

Wear UV makeup

In sunny states like Arizona, your face is constantly exposed to the sun. Even on cool days, it is important to wear SPF to protect against UV rays. You might not need to worry about visible sun burns, but our skin is extremely sensitive to UV rays. The best way to keep your skin healthy, even in a desert area like Phoenix, is to consistently wear UV protection. Many forms of make-up now include UV protection, but dedicated sun screen will also work just as well. Just be sure to wash it off at the end of the day so you aren’t clogging your pores.

Keep down the stress

Stress, especially prolonged stress and anxiety, can cause collagen to be break down. Both acne and facial redness can be signs your collagen breaking down. You can’t have healthy skin if you are overwhelmed with stress! A few ways to reduce stress include regular exercise, meditation, yoga, good nutrition, and taking time for yourself.

As a naturopathic clinic, we can also help you with natural remedies to keep your stress levels under control. If you need recommendations for natural stress remedies in Phoenix, please make an appointment to see me and we’ll work together to select the ones that are right for you and your lifestyle.

Follow these six tips to get healthier, younger looking skin. If you have any questions about changing your diet or concerns about your skin, please contact me at my office – The Bienetre Center. I can assist you in understanding food allergies, changing your diet, decreasing your stress – all of which will help you not only look great, but feel great as well!