What Your Diet Says About You

What Your Diet Says About You

There is a lot that can be said about a person’s personality or who they are by their zodiac sign and astrology sign. The common belief is that those two are it! What some people do not recognize is that your diet is a way to tell more about your personality. Here is some food superstition and what your diet says about you:

Spicy foods: These are the adrenaline seekers and the risk takers. It is claimed that lovers of spicy food are adrenaline deficient, so they eat spicy foods with sends off pain signal, which then enhances the adrenaline level.

Sweets: If you love your sweets, you are said to be more giving and charitable than those who do not prefer sweets. You have a cooperative personality, and like everyone to get along.

Starches and Protein: If you are a sociable person, you must love eating steak and potatoes! These people have more outgoing personalities than others.

Salty: If you like to go with the flow and avoid drama, then you must be a salty food lover. You are easy going and let people know your opinion after a rough outcome that happened when you went on the down low to avoid drama.

Chocolate Lovers: There are different types of chocolate personalities.

Milk: You are intelligent, mellow, and go with the flow. You crave to be the center of attention. Relationship wise, you are the romantic one and you do well in a long-term relationship.

Dark: You are sophisticated, headstrong, and a little bit dramatic. You love talking with people, which is probably why you will have a strong relationship. You are decisive and energetic, which creates a fun personality.

White: You are the creative one. You may come off introverted because you tend to always be daydreaming.

While knowing what your diet says about you, your diet can be harmful to your body. If you find that you are consistently eating only starches and protein, there may be some vitamins and minerals that you are lacking from. Call Dr. Burns at The Bien-Etre Center to schedule a diet consult to make sure that you are getting the right amount of vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber for your body. Food nourishes your body in a natural way, and it is important that your dietary needs are met. Together, you and Dr. Burns can help you get on the right path for a diet that will meet all your nutritional needs.