Review of a 7 day guide for going back to school

7 tips to survive going back to school. Listen now.

How to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

Do you feel overwhelmed knowing that school is starting next week and you don’t even have a schedule yet? How are you supposed to juggle meetings and school work? We have some tips for you to try.

Can we see ourselves as whole and complete?

When we see ourselves as whole and complete does that change how we see our flaws and medical conditions?

Do you feel stuck and it doesn’t matter what you do you feel you can’t get ahead?

Today we are talking about being stuck in some goals that we have and how to move forward?

Joining Up? What does it mean?

Joining up is a term used when a trainer/owner and the horse trust each other. It takes work. Can we do the same thing with people in our lives? It takes work to form friendships.

Updated Treatments of COVID-19

Listen for the latest research on preliminary trials for treatment of COVID-19.

NAD+ does it work for COVID-19?

NAD+ has shown to decrease inflammation, protect the brain, help with cell defense, and repair DNA damage. Can it help with COVID-19?

Clinical Trails for Covid-19

Can ozone therapy and nitric oxide help as possible treatments for covid-19?

Fear vs Faith

How to change our fear, which is a lower vibration/energy, to faith, which is a higher vibration/energy level.

Update on COVID-19

Why do we hoard or go out of control during a time like this instead of staying in control? It might come down to that we don’t love ourselves. Listen in on how to learn to love yourself and raise your spiritual energy.