Injections vs. Pills

Injections vs. Pills

There are a few different ways to take medication, but the most popular are injections and pills. The decision depends on the consumer, as well as what is being administered.

Here are the biggest differences between injections and pills:

Pills tend to be the most convenient route. They come as tablets, chewables, capsules, gel capsules, and more. Typically, but not always, pills are cheaper and safer to use, but there are some things you may want to know. The pill absorption process can start in the mouth and stomach, but most of the time it begins in the small intestine. It is here that the drug is met with the intestinal wall, travels to the liver, and finally reaches its destination. While traveling through the liver, the drug is metabolized which can give the target site a lower dose than what was actually taken. Some pills need to be taken with food depending on how fast the drug is absorbed. Pills definitely have their place and if you are concerned with the absorption rate of a particular pill, discuss these concerns with your doctor. It’s always beneficial to be an educated consumer.

Subcutaneous, intramuscular, and intravenous are a few types of injections available to patients today. Subcutaneous is where a needle is put just beneath the skin and into the fatty tissue. The injected drug the travels through the blood stream. This route is more common for those consuming proteins through injections.

Intramuscular is used when there is a large volume that needs to be administered. How quickly the drug is metabolized depends on the blood supply that is in the muscle. If there is a little amount of blood, it will take a longer time for the effects of the drugs to take effect.

Intravenous is when the needle is inserted into the vein. This is a great way to get a precise dose.

If you are contemplating on whether you would like to take pills or injections to maximize your health care goals, talk to Dr. Burns to decide what is best for you and your needs. Dr. Burns can assist you with any medical questions that you may have, and would love to help you start on the track to restoring your body to its fullest potential.