AZDHS 3rd Annual Medical Marijuana Report

AZDHS 3rd Annual Medical Marijuana Report

The Arizona Department of Health Services came out with their third annual report for Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Program last week. The report comes out once a year to update the general public regarding the program, where it stands and what has changed over the previous year.

The report acknowledged that the awareness of medical marijuana and its health benefits has increased. This conclusion was reached because the dispensary registration certificates have been growing steadily since 2013. Not only did the registration for dispensaries increase, but there was a 75% increase of new applications this past year. It was recorded that 70% of those who applied for medical marijuana card were suffering from chronic pain. Twenty percent had multiple conditions. The age group that tended to apply most often were between the ages of 40-60.

There are twenty three states now that allow marijuana for medicinal use and we hope this number continues to grow as more individuals become aware its many health benefits. Among other things, medical marijuana can be used as treatment for Crohn’s disease and cancer. It can inhibit the progression of Alzheimer’s and ease chronic pain. Learn more about medical marijuana and its health benefits here.

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