Fatigue / Low Energy


Fatigue is a sign of excessive tiredness, lack of energy, or exhaustion. This a common response to over exertion. Other medical conditions can contribute to fatigue

  • Cirrhosis - When the liver is damaged people will have fatigue or low energy because the detoxification process isn’t working properly causing a build up of toxins in the body that can lead to feeling tired all the time.
  • Anxiety/Depression When the basal ganglia, in your brain in over firing, your brain thinks that it has run a marathon and can fizzle out causing fatigue.
  • Diabetes can cause fatigue if blood sugars are too high. If blood sugar doesn’t make it into the cells then you an become fatigued.
  • Anemia - Iron is used to carry oxygen through out the body. If you don’t have enough oxygen you can get tired because there is no energy for the brain and body.
  • Gut issues - When the gut isn’t happy the brain isn’t happy. This can cause fatigue.
  • Heart conditions - If the heart isn’t working at full capacity then oxygen can’t get to where it need to go and can cause fatigue
  • Thyroid - If the thyroid is under active you can have fatigue. Thyroid is supposed to help the body have energy.
  • Hormone imbalance - If you don’t have enough testosterone, fatigue can set in.
  • Medications - A lot of medications can cause you to become fatigues
  • Orexin - This is a chemical in the brain that helps to keep people awake. If you don’t have orexin your brain will slow down causing fatigue.

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