Detox IV Therapy

The liver is our primary detoxification organ. With all the pollutants in our world and chemicals in our food the liver has a hard time detoxifying. This can lead to headaches, acne, heavy menstrual flow, nausea, fatigue, etc… Eventually this can lead to a sluggish liver.

Sluggish liver is where the liver has a hard time keeping up with getting rid of all that stuff, we come across daily. Regular blood work for liver function won’t show sluggish liver. Stress, processed foods, alcohol, poor sleep, and some medications can cause the liver to slow down and build up toxins. In Chinese medicine irritability and anger are signs of liver chi stagnation.

We have a few IV’s that may help your liver detoxify and help to increase energy.

Chelation Therapy

We live in a world where we are exposed to a lot of chemicals that have been introduced thorough plastics and food. Our liver can’t keep up with trying to get rid of these toxins.

IV Chelation picks up the toxins that we ingest and helps the liver be able to detoxify. Using IV’s, your body is getting 100% of the natural ingredients we use to help the liver with detoxification.

Heavy Metal Detox

Our heavy metal detox helps to decrease metals like aluminum, arsenic, and mercury to help restore brain function, increase your immunity, and help restore energy.

Liver Cleanse

We use a specific blend of intravenous nutrition ingredients the help your liver work better. Sluggish liver is very common, but a lot of people don’t know that they have it. Some signs of sluggish liver are acne, irritability, foggy brain, fatigue, insomnia, etc. Using IV’s to help the liver can improve your sleep, help with concentration and decrease acne.


Living in a world where we ingest a lot of chemicals from pesticides to plastics our mitochondria can slow down. We feel fatigued when that happens. Our mitochondria are responsible for energy to our heart, muscles, brain, and whole body. If our mitochondria isn’t working then we can feel tired all the time. Even with a proper night’s sleep.

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