IV Therapy

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Using IV Therapy for Nutrients

At Burns Integrative Wellness Center we use IV Therapy to help restore health.  Some of the more common treatments we provide are:

Chelation Therapy – is detox. With this IV, we typically use glutathione and occasionally alpha-lipoic acid, both of which are super antioxidants.  They will bind to heavy metals and other toxins to help flush them out of your body.

With IV’s, we can bypass normal digestion and quickly get fluids back into the body.  This can be combined with other vitamins and minerals for a quick sports recovery as well.

For those of you who partied a little too hard over a holiday or weekend, intravenous nutrients can help flush the toxins out of your body quickly.

Liver Cleanse – With this protocol, we can help clean out your liver to get your body detoxing daily as needed.  With a clean liver, you’ll have more energy to enjoy your day.

Meyers Cocktail – named after John Myers, a pioneer in intravenous nutrition.  We offer this along with slight adjustments in nutrients as needed for each patient to optimize the healing from a session.

Nutrition – We can add lots of nutrients to an IV.  Cancer care patients as well as others suffering from digestive issues, this is a great way to keep your body fueled up while recovering your health.  Vitamins can be added to an IV as well.  Combining Vitamins and Nutrients in a single IV session can help boost the immune system or treat a variety of medical conditions.

We Use Ingredients Like…

Glutathione – A super antioxidant that is used in every cell we have. It helps to reduce free radical damage, boost your immune system and decrease pain.

Vitamin C – This antioxidant speeds up healing time, boosts the immune system, and it helps the adrenal glands.

B Vitamins – They are good for converting your food into energy and the adrenal glands love them. They help to calm the mind and decrease menstrual side effects like cramping and mood swings.

Amino Acids – These are the building block of proteins. They help the body to recover more quickly from intense workouts.

Magnesium – An element that helps relax your muscles and is used by your mitochondria make energy. It can also help with constipation.

Hydrogen Peroxide – Not the same kind you buy for scrapes, it’s used to add oxygen to the body. It helps lessen fatigue and boost the immune system.

0.9% Normal Saline – The base for all our IVs, saline rehydrates the body. It helps if you have low aldosterone levels and don’t rehydrate very well.


How long does it take to get an IV?

30-45 minutes depending on what the doctor orders.

When can I get an IV?
It depends on your needs – anywhere from once a month to 2-3 times per week. This is determined by the doctor.

What is the advantage of intravenous nutrients?
We are bypassing the digestive system for your body to get the immediate benefit of the nutrients.

Are there any side effects?
Very rarely are there any harmful side effects.

Who can benefit from intravenous nutrients?
Anyone can. You don’t have to be sick to get intravenous nutrients.

Restore Your Energy and Health With IV Therapy

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