Going in Circles

Going in Circles

Yesterday on my radio show “Here’s to your Heath with Dr. Burns” I talked with Dr. Allan Hunter.
In his book Gratitude and Beyond he talks about how we go in circles and continue to think about things that aren’t good for us for our energy and bring us down.

Then I started thinking about this with health and with gut issues. If we have anxiety about our gut issues, then it spurs inflammation in the gut and then we get even more anxious about it having the gut issue. We end up in this vicious until we finally had it and start thinking differently.

Dr Hunter stated we all seem to change when we have a type of near death experience. This experience could be literal, emotional,  mental, and etc.

There was a research project that was done and it seems by the conclusion of this research that we inherently go in circles. If we don’t have a focal point for us to stay in a straight line we go in circles and end up in the same place that we were before.

How do we get out of these inherent circles when it comes to our health?

Start setting goals a little at a time, maybe the goal is to seek a second or third opinion about your health condition. Maybe the goal is to focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t do.

Get your own personal board of directors to help you get our of your circles if that is what it takes.
If you are saying the same things over and over again to your board then maybe there is a change in you that needs to happen.

Lets all start going straight instead of going in circles. Start looking for the landmarks we need in life to get to where we need to go.