Is it Hollywood or Human nature?

Is it Hollywood or Human nature?

There has been this never ending pursuit for perfection. Due to internet and media outlets and photo editing we can now finally have what we want, to be flawless.  Yet people still aren’t happy. Why is this? You can photo crop as much as we want, but reality is that we are flawed. We are fighting against the thing that makes us who we are that gives us our personality.

We make ourselves stressed out because we are not perfect.  We don’t embrace that which makes us different from everyone else.  I use to fight my flaws so hard that I was making things worse instead of better. I wasn’t centered, I was creating chaos and I was miserable.  I was doing the total opposite of what I should’ve been doing…..

Embracing my flaws….

This sounds crazy, but it works. Only after embracing the fact that we all have flaws and that we are not perfect can we move forward and over come our weaknesses.  We need to celebrate being human and that we are not robots.  I look at my daughter and my dog and they live fully in the moment and it doesn’t matter what is going on around them and if they make a mistake.  They know who they are and embrace it. I love that about them. It makes them who they are.

At first I use to get upset because I always forget where I park my car because I have other things going through my mind that I forget to stop and see where I am. When I learned to live in the moment I can stop and see around me landmarks that help me find my car again. If I don’t remember I can laugh and make a game out of  it and say “Where is my car” instead of “Where is Waldo” LOL.

It takes time and hard work to learn how to enjoy being human again.  It is totally worth it.