Does taking offense increase flare ups of IBS?

Does taking offense increase flare ups of IBS?

I would have to say yes on that one.  Any type of negative stresser will effect the IBS and will create flare ups.

Not taking offense is easier said then done. It takes a lot of practice to master this.  The only way to master this one is to be confident about yourself.

Mr. Ruiz, author of “The Four Assigments” is right.  When you are able not to take offense it does free your world up of all the negativity we all seem to hold on too. This is when we become defensive and want to fight back because we feel we have to stand up for ourselves.

There is a good way and a bad way to stand up for ourselves. The bad way is going in prepared for battle.
That will flare up your IBS as well.

Before you can “not take offense” you must work on yourself first and sure up the weaknesses. Part of this is letting of the fact that you can control everything.  Which in reality we can’t.  Once we can acknowledge that then the rest will come.  We don’t have as much power as we think we have is scary.  We can only control ourselves and no one else.

That was a big bubble bursting moment for me when I figured that out. It has really helped me be able to manage my stress better.