PRP Stem Cells

PRP and Stem Cells

Did You Know Your Body Can Heal Itself?

Whoever thought that our bodies could heal its self, this healing property has is found in our own platelets. These platelets carry different compounds that help decrease inflammation, pain, and help to regrow tissue and tendons. PRP has revolutionized the medical industry from being anti-aging to anti-inflammatory. The beautiful thing about PRP is there is no downtime after the treatment. No one will know that you had it done. Your skin looks smoother, pain decreases. Your body won’t reject its own cells. Here are some treatments that can be done with your own body.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are blank cells. They haven’t been programmed yet. Stem cells can become hair, skin, nail, liver, kidney, muscle, etc. Over the last few years, researchers have seen that there could be great healing potential with stem cells. Stem cells divide and replace the old cells that were once there helping the body to heal the area that was injected.

We use amniotic stem cells in the office. Amniotic stem cells are harvested, by a doctor, by collecting the amniotic fluid after a regular C-section has been performed in the hospital. The vendors we use are registered and work with the hospitals to ensure that all safety protocols are adhered before, during, and after collection of the amniotic fluid.

Treatments That Used PRP and Stem Cells

With PRP and Stem Cell Therapy, there are several groups of treatments they are used in.  First is more cosmetic, anti-aging treatments such as wrinkle reduction and hair restoration.  The other main group is Prolotherapy, or treatments related to joints, tendons, arthritis, etc…

To learn more about how PRP and Stem Cells can be used to reduce wrinkles and restore your skin, click on the button.

To learn more about how PRP and Stem Cells can be used to restore hair loss, click on the button.

To learn how traditional Prolotherapy, PRP and Stem cells can be used to treat arthritis, carpel tunnel, plantar fascitis [my feet hurt], tendonitis, minor ot medium tendon and ligament tears and joint pain, click on the button.

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