Hair Regrowth

PRP – Stem Cell

Throughout time men and women have struggled with thinning to no hair. Causes for this range from thyroid issues, stress, genetics, medical treatments, autoimmune, to over treating the hair with dyes and chemicals. As the hair thins so does a person’s self-esteem. This loss of self can then lead to anxiety, depression, and embarrassment. What is a person to do?

Because there are several reasons for hair loss, not all treatments are going to be the same.

Types of Hair Loss

  • Genetic - this type is sometimes hard to fight against. Procedures like hair transplants and lasers may work best for those that have to work against those family genes.
  • Stress - this is a huge culprit for hair loss. Hair loss could happen during the stressful event or even months later after the stressful event has been resolved. For this type hair loss working on the adrenal glands and getting IV nutrition along with biotin or other over the counter, vitamins can help restore hair growth.
  • Thyroid Issues - hypothyroid/iodine deficiency/hyperthyroid can cause hair loss. When thyroid function goes down other problems, start to creep in like thinning eyebrows, fatigue, hair loss, etc. since your body isn’t getting the stimulus to grow. This can create patches of hair that is lost. Usually, with balancing out the thyroid, most of the hair can grow back. This may take a while for hair to be restored.
  • Hormone Imbalance - can also cause hair loss. When there is a dip in testosterone for men, estrogen/progesterone loss for women, this can cause hair loss. Usually balancing out hormones can help restore hair growth.
  • Malnutrition - If your body isn’t getting enough nutrients your hair will start to thin and fall out. Be careful when you are on a calorie restricted diet. Hair loss is a sign of not enough nutrition.
  • Autoimmune is one of the hardest to help with because sometimes the body likes to attack its self and diseases like alopecia can cause hair loss. Trying to control the immune system can sometimes help slow down hair loss, but it won’t stop it.
  • Medications can also cause hair loss too.

Treatments That Can Help with Hair Restoration?

  • Hair transplants - this is when doctors take hair from one place of your head and put it on the areas where the hair is thinning or nonexistence.
  • Lasers - There are lasers that are used to stimulate hair follicles to start re-growing again.
  • PRP - This treatment the doctor takes your platelets and injections it into your scalp. The growth factor in your platelets are used to help stimulate hair growth. There is no downtime with this treatment. It does take 6-8 treatments to start seeing results. This is a natural way besides lasers and minor surgery for hair to be restored.
  • Stem Cells - Using amniotic/umbilical cells can become new hair follicles and can help regrow hair. This can be done in combination with PRP. This usually takes one to two treatments.

Are There Any Side Effects to PRP/Stem Cell Treatment to My Head?

Usually, there aren’t any big side effects. Some people may feel a bit of pressure on the head due to having multiple injections done to place the product in the scalp.

Can I Go Swimming Right Afterwards?

You will need to wait at least two days before going swimming to ensure that the needle pokes are healed up and that infection doesn’t set in.

How Long Before I See Results?

It may take up to 3 months after the injections before you start seeing any results with PRP and stem cells injections.  Results vary because the source of hair loss is different with each person.

Will the Treatment Change My Hair Color?

The treatment will not change your hair color.

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