What I learned from a Scorpion Sting.

What I learned from a Scorpion Sting.

Two weeks ago I got stung by a scorpion. As the neurotoxin was starting it’s way through my body I felt some interesting side effects from this neurotoxin like headaches, joint pain, and the burning sensation that goes along with it. By the next day I was fine, but it taught me a good lesson.

In life there are random things that happen to us that are bad. It is nothing that we chose. It was just something that happened. I have two choices. I can either whine and complain all day about how I feel or I can change how I see the situation. I decided to make it a learning experience. I got to see first hand that there can be chaos all around me and I can either add to the chaos or decide not to participate in it.

I think sometimes we are scared of our own empowerment and decide to not have it. Because we might have been taught that empowering self is bad. It will show that we are aggressive not assertive. There is a difference with it.
We need to embrace that we have power to control self. We have power to make our own choices. We have power to feel happy. We don’t have to suffer. It’s ok to see a therapist for help. It’s ok to change yourself for the better. It’s ok not to be stuck in a defeating loop.

Remember that you are whole and complete.