Iodine are you deficient.

Iodine are you deficient.

Last week I was on a radio show talking about the health benefits of iodine. Unfortunately, iodine is not as available in our foods like it once was. Iodine has been replaced with bromine in some of our foods like soda, breads, and etc. Also, people want to be on sea salt which has no iodine in it.

What is iodine deficiency? Some of the symptoms of iodine deficiency are weight gain, hair loss, anxiety, depression, intolerance to cold, estrogen dominance, fibromyalgia, fiborcystic breast disease, and fatigue.

What are the benefits of iodine is helps to stay off some cancers, it can help prevent illness because it helps to work on the immune system, it helps to work with your thyroid gland. It can help reduce pain and it helps to regulate estrogen.

How can you tell if you have iodine deficiency? You can get blood test from your doctors office. You can try a iodine challenge at home where you put some iodine on your skin and let it sit for 12 hours. If it is absorbed in 12 hours you may be iodine deficient.

If you start on iodine drops start low and work your way up. Everyone is different when it comes to how much iodine they may really need.