What Good Are You?

What Good Are You?

I was asked this question several weeks ago. The person was yelling at the top of their lungs “What good are you…” followed by some very negative comments. This made me think of how many times do we internally say “what good am I…” We start our own negative talk because we feel that we failed at something. We feel that everything is now hopeless because we failed at one task or we didn’t do as well as our neighbor or friend.
We keep digging a pit for self because we feel that is what we are supposed. That you are supposed to

Don't suffer through life. Find answers.
Don’t suffer through life. Find answers.
dig a never ending hole and suffer through life. What happens if you don’t have to suffer through life? What happens if you made the dream you had a reality of actually enjoying life?

Most people cover their anxiety and depression with medications to help them cope without really getting any coping skills. Then people become afraid to get off of the medications when something goes “wrong” in their world.

Besides being on medications you need to see a life coach or therapist to help you learn the coping skills that are needed to help you to stop digging the eternal pit.

Also, there maybe something medical underlying like Hashimoto’s, hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance or iodine deficiency that may be playing a part in your life.

Call us today to see if there maybe something more to your depression then just very negative people.