Finding Gratitude Helps with Medical Health.

Finding Gratitude Helps with Medical Health.

I have a history like most of us do that when things go wrong I start the blame game. I start with the.. why does everything happen to me routine, along with… so n’so never has this type of thing happen to them.
We all get in a cycle of being bitter, jealous, anger, resentment, anxiety, depression, and etc.
You name it we have the emotion for it. Then in a fit of emotional energy we try to make decision that aren’t exactly healthy for us at that moment and we say things that we probably don’t really mean to say, but are in our heart at that moment because we feel so down trodden. Then even more mistakes are made.

How can we get out of this cycle? It took me 6 years to work on myself to figure this out. I needed to be strong enough to have gratitude. I needed gratitude that I am a live. I needed gratitude to realize that everybody goes through hard times; they may not announce it to the world. I needed gratitude that I am a person and as a person I would go through hard times. I needed to look at things differently and see a positive in my negative.

Right now I have a few fires that need to be put out, but I am learning that by seeing what I am supposed to learn from it that people are coming to help me out that even though some days may be slow with my business it’s because I’m supposed to be concentrating on other things. To find the balance I need for the day. Gratitude I noticed is everything.

When you have gratitude it helps with mental clarity, it will help to lessen your medical condition, it helps people to move forward with life. It helps put things into perspective, and it helps people to gain courage to do what they know they need to do.