Legalize Marijuana or No

Legalize Marijuana or No

In November there maybe a proposition on the ballot on whether marijuana should become recreational or not.

Both sides are pushing hard for or against having this happen.

Most of the people I see are saying how things are in Colorado. I usually have to remind people that Colorado still has their medical program. Colorado noticed an increase in people wanting to get their MMJ cards due to the fact that medical marijuana was cheaper than the recreational. Also, in Colorado they have different plants for recreational than they do for medical.

I was trying to read if there was going to be a difference here between recreational marijuana plants and medical. I haven’t seen anything written about that yet. The Arizona Supreme Court, in anticipation of recreational, has decided that if a police officer smells marijuana in your car it gives them the right to search your car. Then there is a law already in effect saying that no one can cultivate if they are within 25 miles of a dispensary, yet on the legalized ballot people can grow up to 6 plants in their house. There still seems to be a lot of conflict as to what legalization really entails.

I’m not sure what the answer should be on recreational vs. medical marijuana.

I just hope we get more information about the recreational bill before we go to the polls this November. It’s better to be informed so that way we can make the best choice for Arizona.