Is there a price to pay with weightloss programs?

Is there a price to pay with weightloss programs?

A few years ago I was working with another doctor.  This doctor had put together his own weight loss program that included hcg, caffeine pills,  prescription appetite suppressant, plus a meal plan and blood work every week. As a doctor I like to experiment with supplements and other things before giving them to my patients so I know what is happening.

I was on this program for about 5 days.  I almost paid the price for what I did.

Caffeine pills- I took one of them and within 10 minutes my blood sugars dropped so badly I was shaking and needing some high sugary foods just to bring my blood sugars back to normal.  Needles to say I never took those again.

HCG- messed up my colon. I have IBS and the HCG made my IBS worse then what it was.

The prescription appetite suppressant low dose made me so dehydrated I was not only drinking water like crazy, but my appetite increased because my body was trying to get water anyway it could plus it dried my colon out that it took me several months just to get my colon right again. I almost needed to go to the ER for an IV I was that dehydrated.

Fast forward a few years.  From a routine scan I found out that I have a kidney stone and 2 large cysts on my liver.  I am guessing that these two conditions came up from the experiment I did a few years back. Fortunately, I was able to bring the inflammation down on my colon.

Before getting on a diet program check get all the facts first.  Like any side effects that have happened with any patients.

This taught me to just do a weight management program in my office, but no weight loss programs in my office will ever be done.