Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Women

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Women

Although the thought of women being treated with testosterone replacement therapy may seem odd at first, what it does for women is incredible.

Those who benefit from testosterone replacement therapy tend to have low levels of androgen. Androgen plays an important role in the overall health of women, but it is also considered to be a sex-related hormone. Women who may benefit from testosterone replacement therapy include:

  • Women who have had their ovaries removed. When the ovaries are removed, there is a sudden drop in their testosterone level. This leads to reduced sex drive and satisfaction.
  • Those who have a low sex drive that is not caused by stress, a relationship, or by medication.
  • Those who have hypopituitarism.

If you have hypopituitarism, a considerably low sex drive, or have undergone surgery to have your ovaries removed and are experiencing low sex drive, call Dr. Burns today at The BienEtre Center. Dr. Burns works with patients to help restore and regulate their body in a natural way and can answer your questions if testosterone treatment is right for you. Together you can find a natural remedy in replacing what your body is naturally missing.