Hormone Replacement

Why Perimenopause

Today we talk about perimenopause and how thyroid, stress, iodine, and diet can affect this area of women’s’ health. We also discuss testing, treatment and some over the counter options.

Peri Menopause

Hormones to test for Blood

Testosterone total and fee
Estrogen- Estrone, Estriol, Estradiol

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Women

Although the thought of women being treated with testosterone replacement therapy may seem odd at first, what it does for women is incredible.

Those who benefit from testosterone replacement therapy tend to have low levels of androgen. Androgen plays an important role in the overall health of women, but it is also considered to be …

The Importance of Estrogen

Hormones are vital to our health and vitality. One hormone that is vitally important for many reasons is estrogen. Physical functions and other biochemical parameters are affected with the amount of estrogen found in the body.

In women, estrogen is important during the time frame of puberty. It decelerates height increase, accelerates body fat burning, …

What are the Symptoms of a Hormonal Imbalance?

Hormonal Imbalance is a big cluster of symptoms. Think of our bodies like a piano. It can play a sweet melody, until a key becomes out of tune. Just like a piano, something in our body can be out of tune, like our hormones. Generally, when our hormone levels are off it can affect …