Supporting An Out of State Friend or Family Member With Their Cancer Treatment

Supporting An Out of State Friend or Family Member With Their Cancer Treatment

In honor on Breast Cancer Awareness month, we will be talking about how to support an out-of-state friend or family member with their cancer treatment. One of the biggest decisions your loved one can make is accepting treatment. Beginning treatment means they are acknowledging they have cancer, and that they want to do something about it.

A part of their attitude towards treatment is going to come from you- a family member or friend. During this time, do not seclude yourself in your own feelings. Open up with your love one. They need to know that you are there for them. A simple, “I’m always here when you are ready to talk,” will reassure them that they have people that love and care for them. Your presence with them will be reaffirmation as well. If they are out of state, call and text them. To make something more personal, send them a box of goodies that you think will cheer them up. During this time, there will be some things that they will not be able to do- ask if there is any way that you might be able to assist them. Even though you are out-of-state, do what you can to insert yourself into their daily life so they know they aren’t alone.

Be happy and positive! This may not be the brightest time in their life, or yours, but they need to know that there is happiness that can be found in the hardest times. Your happiness, presence, and support will be one thing that they will cherish forever. Do remember that there may be times that they just want someone to vent to and listen to their thoughts and concerns. Remain positive throughout these conversations but give them the time and space to let out the emotions they are feeling as well.

Dr. Jennifer Burns at The Bienetre Center offers supportive naturopathic care for cancer patients. Services available to cancer patients include IV Nutrients and High Dose Vitamin C drips. To schedule a consult with Dr. Burns to discuss these and other naturopathic cancer treatment options call 623-252-0376. We look forward to speaking with you.