How to stay calm at 2 am.

This last week my child has decided to be up at 2 am. I have no idea why. As I go into her room to see what is going on I am greeted with a smile and someone trying to get ready for the day. I let my child know that …

My hormone balancing story.

A few months a go I started to notice that I wasn’t maintaining my weight. I was steadily gaining weight. I was always tired. I at a clean diet. I was wondering what was going on. I decided to get some blood work done and see what is going on. …

Price Increase

As of August 1st, 2015 there will be some price increases for services. We will still be offering a discount on mmj certifications visits for those who are a Veteran, Food Stamp Program, and Social Security Disability.
Thank you.

New Rules for MMJ Certifications

As of July 3rd 2015 it is required that anyone needing to renew or first time acquiring a mmj certification must have doctors notes with them when they come to the office from the last year. If not, we need to request your records and this will delay you getting your mmj …

Dr. Burns will be on TV

Dr. Burns will be on the Pat McMahon Show on August 6th. The show starts at 8am It will be on cable 13 or channel 7 regular channel. Tune in!!!

School Sports Physicals

I can’t believe we are back in school already. Where did the summer go?
We are offering School Sports Physicals for $20. Come in and see us today.

How to Boost Your Energy

Spring in Phoenix is an exciting time! There are so many places to go, people to visit, and events to attend. You may be able to function successfully this way for a week or two, but then you realize you are exhausted from constantly being on the run. The more tired you become, the …

Signs and Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

If your schedule is that of the typical American, you are probably pretty busy between work, family, and other commitments. You already know that being on the go all the time can be emotionally exhausting and stressful. But did you know that if you don’t take time to unwind and let your body relax, …