Brain Fog

Brain Fog Is a Symptom of Many Medical Conditions

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - This is related to how much cortisol your body can pump
  • Multiple Sclerosis - This is a nerve ending issue where the myelin sheaths are degrading. Causing motor nerve endings to stop working
  • Hormone Imbalance - Testosterone is a critical hormone for men’s brain health, while estrogen and progesterone are critical for women’s brain health. An imbalance can cause brain fog
  • Alzheimer’s Disease - this is when plaque builds up on the brain and people start to forget even the most basic of tasks.
  • Vitamin Imbalance - Vitamins are crucial for your brain and body, if you have a imbalanced diet you can have brain fog
  • Stress - Stress effects memory which in turn causes foggy brain. When you are stressed it’s not the best time to be making any major life choices.

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