Do you wake up tired after a full nights rest?  Are you sluggish in the afternoon?  Is your body just not running like it use to? Or has it been so long that you forgot what it was like to have energy?  While many people suffer from fatigue, understanding why can be challenging.  At Burns Integrative Wellness Center we have been diagnosing and helping individuals reclaim their lives by identifying the source of exhaustion and then working with our patients to come up with appropriate solutions.

Causes of Fatigue

There are many conditions that cause fatigue.  From the medical perspective, fatigue can be caused by Food Allergies, hormone shifts such as menopause in women and andropause for men.  It can also be caused by low thyroid.  Other medical conditions that can contribute to fatigue are Addison’s Disease, Fibromyalgia along with numerous other medical conditions.  Fatigue can also be related to depression which will also take a toll on physical health.

To learn more about some of the common causes of fatigue we treat at Burns Integrative Wellness Center, click on the following buttons.

Addison’s Disease is a rare disease where 90% of adrenal function is lost.

Adrenal fatigue comes from stress and not enough sleep.

With allergies, the body can be in a constant inflammatory mode.

When men age T levels fall causing hot flashes, night sweats, and fatigue.

When the whole body is sore along with fatigue and depression.

When women age, hormones levels drop.  Hot flashes and insomnia kick in.

Feeling tired, have some unexplained hair loss?  It could be your thyroid.

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