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What Is the Difference Between IV Nutrition and Oral Nutrition?

With IV therapy, nutrients are absorbed into the body faster. It bypasses the digestive system. The cells and organs get immediate benefit. Your body gets 100% of it. Oral nutrition requires it to go through the digestive system and can take up to 1 hour before the vitamin starts to break down. Your body may absorb only 50% of nutrients through oral intake.  These days a lot of OTC vitamins are more filler than nutrients or vitamins.

Some of Our More Popular Vitamin and Nutrient IV Treatments Are:

Myers Cocktail

Dr. Myer’s, the founder of IV therapy, used a mixture of vitamins to help people with their medical conditions. He noticed that IV therapy helped to decrease pain, boost the immune system, and helped improve his patient’s medical conditions. Dr. Alan Gaby, who I studied under, popularized Dr. Myer’s IV’s. Now we off Dr. Myer’s cocktail to help with overall energy and immunity.

Immune Boost

Currently our immune system needs more help now more than ever before. We used natural ingredients to help boost your immune system with through a intramuscular shot or intravenously we are all in need of keeping our immune system at peak performance.

Vitamin B12

B12 is essential for your adrenals, nerve ending, mitochondria. It helps with your immune system and energy. It has been used to help with recovery from shingles to bell’s palsy. This little vitamin has never gone out of style. Whether we dispense it intramuscularly or intravenously people notice an improvement in energy, immunity, etc.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a key ingredient for skin, hair, energy, and immunity. High dose vitamin C has been shown to help fight cancer and increase the immune system. Your body doesn’t absorb all the vitamin C orally. Getting it intravenously your body absorbs 100% of it and the advantage to intravenous is we can go higher on the dose without giving you diarrhea.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a hormone that helps decrease pain, increase energy and helps the immune system. Studies have shown that those with decrease vitamin d levels have more of a chance of getting sick more frequently. Increasing your vitamin D levels can help your brain, bones, and immune system.

Sport Recovery

If you are new to working out or you have been doing it for years, but feel your body isn’t recovering as fast as you hoped there is help for you. Our sport recovery IV can help decrease lactic acid levels and inflammation to for you to get back into your work outs quicker.

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