Cholesterol Cleanse

What Is a Cholesterol Cleanse? Why Would I Need It?

Many people through diet or family history may have high cholesterol. If cholesterol levels in the body get to high, then plaque builds up in the arteries causing blockages. Those blockages can cause the heart to stop and/or reduction in blood flow and oxygen.

What Can Be Done to Reduce Your Chances of Having This Plaque Buildup in Your Blood Vessels?

  1. A change in diet can help; eating more whole foods and less processed foods can help decrease your cholesterol levels.
  2. Exercise-this can help with decrease cholesterol because your body will use it as fuel instead of storing the meal.
  3. Thyroid- If your thyroid is off so can our cholesterol. Make sure your yearly check up includes looking at thyroid health.
  4. IV nutrients have been used in Europe to help decrease cholesterol in the veins.

Why Would I Want an IV? I Can Just Take a Pill.

Prescription medications have helped a lot of people be able to reduce their cholesterol levels. They come with certain side effects and some people’s bodies don’t tolerate prescriptions well.

IV may be the best way to go to help decrease plague in your arteries.

The ingredients we use help to dissolve the plaque that may be building up in your blood vessels.

We use ultrasound testing before and after your series of treatments to keep track of the levels of plaque in your blood vessels.

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