Anti Inflamatory

Anti-Inflamatory IV

Dr. Myer’s founder of the “Myer’s Cocktail” used IV’s for almost every medical condition he saw in his practice. One of the most common medical conditions he saw was chronic pain.

You may be asking How can an IV help me with my chronic pain? I’ve tried everything else from over the counter medications to prescriptions.

Inflammation is complicated. Poor diet, lack of sleep, and poor digestion can lead to inflammation.

Reducing inflammation is a multi-factorial approach.

  1. Anti-Inflammation diet is a good start. Decreasing sugar, white flour, white rice, alcohol, and processed foods is a good start.
  2. Looking at brain health. Certain areas of your brain changes and become overactive making your pain levels worse. Rewiring the brain can also help decrease pain.
  3. IV nutrition can help decrease inflammation too.

Our IV’s Contain

Curcumin – it’s known for its anti-inflammatory properties in oral form it’s poorly absorbed. With intravenous curcumin we are bypassing the digestive system and you received 100% of the anti-inflammatory benefits of this wonderful herb.

Glutathione – known as the super antioxidant decreases free radical damage helping to decrease inflammation.

NAD+ – Known as a co-enzyme for your B vitamins helps to reduce inflammation, boots your energy levels and helps with concentration. It may also help reduce your anxiety/depression that comes along with chronic pain.

Licorice – This herbs has over 300 different compounds to combat inflammation and helps to boots your immune system.

IV nutrition along with a balanced diet and proper sleep can help decrease your pain.

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