The Health Benefits of Potassium

The Health Benefits of Potassium

The mineral Potassium has some of the most accessible sources ranging from potatoes, avocadoes, spinach, and tomatoes. With it being found in many fruits and vegetables, it is no wonder that it is so good for your body.

These are a few of the many health benefits of potassium:

Lower blood pressure. Studies recently have declared that those who took potassium supplements lowered their blood pressure by eight points. With the right diet and amount of potassium recommended by your doctor, you can cut your blood pressure level by ten points.

Increase bone health. Researches show promising studies that an increase in potassium can increase bone-mineral density and can prevent osteoporosis.

Heart health. A potassium rich diet, according to research, can decrease the chances of having a stroke by 21 percent. Some scientists believe that this is true due to the fact that it helps lower blood pressure. If it not only helps blood pressure and the chances of stroking are slimmer, it must prevent other heart diseases as well.

Digestion. Potassium assists breaking down and burning carbohydrates. Because of its aide in the digestion process, it helps prevent ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

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