Simple Ways to Empower Yourself

Simple Ways to Empower Yourself

Our lives are busy, busy, busy these days. Most of us are juggling home and work responsibilities in addition to remembering to care for ourselves. If we have children, then our amount of free time shrinks even further. Sure, daily life can be overwhelming, but remembering to take time for yourself can be the key to both lowering stress and improving your overall quality of life.

Although a weeklong vacation on a tropical beach sounds like an ideal way to recharge, there are faster, easier ways to carve out time for yourself that are healthy, practical, and that put control of your life back in your hands. Finding ways to take time for yourself can create ripples in your life that change it for the better:

  • Eating well, and maybe even visiting one of Phoenix’s farmers markets to pick up some fresh local produce and expand your food horizons. A nice walk outside and new vegetables to try! What’s not to love?
  • Reading a good book. Simple? Yes. But when was the last time you read for pure enjoyment that didn’t involve a link on Facebook, a news article, or a friend’s status update?
  • Create a to-do list. Write down all of the important things you need to do and enjoy the feeling of crossing them off one by one!

Dr. Burns shares another tip for self-empowerment in the this Huffington Post article.