Botanical and Nutritional Supplements


Compounding is the use of pharmaceutical grade chemicals in a state of the art laboratory to create custom medications which are not commercially available. Each Prescription is formulated for an individual patient according to the practitioner’s specifications.  Each compounding pharmacy is licensed and uses the highest of standards in making sure that they produce the highest quality of medicine.

Depending on what your doctor orders compounding pharmacies can make some medications in creams, gels, troche, if a person has gluten issues they can make gluten-free options and capsules.

Compounding pharmacies are used to making bioidentical hormones, compounded thyroid, and a host of other medications. The pharmacies are able to make combination formulas from a doctor’s recommendation or prescriptions that are unique to each patient.

Botanical Tincture

A tincture is typically an extract of a plant or many plants in alcohol. Herbal tinctures are not always made using ethanol as the solvent, though this is most commonly the case. Another way is with glycerine. Glycerine offers an alternative for those not wanting to have alcoholic extracts.

Advantages to botanical tinctures are they can be formulated for each person in mind whether two people have the same illness or not. They are very easy to take. They can be mixed with juice, water, etc.  Dosing is very easy as well. You take it by the drop instead of by the capsule. They are very versatile as far as what can be put together.

Plants act well together helping with a variety symptoms at one time.

The disadvantage is storage. The tinctures require room temperature storage. If they stay in your car during the hot temperatures of summer, it will denature the tincture canceling out the medicinal properties of the tincture.

It usually takes about two weeks before people start seeing results with botanicals.

Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements are a dietary type supplement that contains leaves, roots, flowers, seeds, fruits, etc. for therapeutic needs. The supplements are in single or combination formulas. Quality of the supplements will vary depending on your supplier.

Here at Burns Integrative Wellness Center, we carry only the highest quality supplements.  We source from reputable companies who have strict practices in quality control throughout the entire manufacture process and use pharmaceutical grade ingredients.  Many of our patients have noticed a difference by using the high-quality products we provide over what can be found in a typical store.

Order Supplements Online

We are working with Wellevate to provide our patients with high-quality supplements at a reasonable price.  If Dr. Burns has recommended a supplement, this is where you go to conveniently order and refill.

Dr. Jennifer Burns, NMD - Burns Integrative Wellness Center