New Treatments

New Treatments

Some of the new and exciting treatments we are adding, or have added can be found below:

By looking at the SPECT brain scans we can better identify what is going on in the brain and better treat conditions such as depression, ADD, anxiety along with many other conditions.

NAD + is a co-enzyme for your B vitamins. This co-enzyme is responsible for making energy in your mitochondria. You have a lot of mitochondria in the brain, liver, heart, and gut. NAD+ helps to restore energy and help with concentration so no more foggy brain.

COMING SOON!!! – Ozone therapy- Ozone has been used for 150 years. In that time the medical conditions that ozone helps treat has been getting longer. Ozone is used to help the body take in more oxygen, improve the immune system, and decrease pain.

Peptide Therapy- Initially peptides were used to help with weight loss, but over time peptides have been used to decrease pain, enhance the immune system, aid in wound healing,and has been researched as a potential benefit to help with some cancer treatments.


New classes and webinars we’re offering.

A short webinar series where we explore how to overcome doubts, fears and anxiety.

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