Acne Treatment at Burns Integrative Wellness Center

Acne starts during the teenage years when the hormones are starting to kick in. The glands on the skin fill up with dirt and oil. Once that dirt and oil are trapped then those nice bumps begin to come on your face, neck, back, and arms.

Sometimes acne can come and go for girls because of their menstrual cycle. The majority of the time once the acne starts the acne stays.

What Are Some Causes of Acne?

  • Hormone changes. Usually, the higher the testosterone, the more oil your skin produces, the more likely oil will get trapped in the pores and cause inflammation.
  • Stress. Stress can cause acne by increasing cortisol which increases inflammation which can cause acne.
  • Facial hair. If boys are growing beards or mustaches, the hair traps bacteria which then can irritate the skin causing acne.
  • Makeup. Using oil-based makeup can clog the pores causing irritation and inflammation.
  • Hygiene. If you don’t wash after a workout, this can cause acne.
  • Allergies. Sometimes allergies to soaps, detergents, shampoo, and foods can cause acne.

Types of Acne

  • Common acne which includes whiteheads and blackheads
  • Nodules are large and inflamed they seem to last for a few months
  • Papules are small to medium red inflamed type with no pus
  • Pustules are inflamed with pus and they look white or yellow
  • Cystic are the acne that is deep in the skin. This type is usually more painful and harder to get rid of.

Sometimes you can’t prevent acne, but there are treatments.

Acne Treatments

Some Home Remedies Are

  • Mask. Using bentonite clay or charcoal to make a mask is great. Both of them suck up the bacteria out of the skin and don’t dry the skin out.
  • Don’t eat a lot of fatty foods. Decrease your consumption of fried fatty foods.
  • Echinacea. The plant is antibacterial. You can take it internally and also put it on your face.
  • Adrenal supplement. If your acne is due to stress adding in some herbs that support the adrenals is fantastic like Oats, Ashwagandha, Siberian Ginseng, and Holy Basil.
  • Over the counter treatments. There are many over the counter treatments that may help in reducing acne. Some work some don’t.

Office Treatments

  • Chemical peels. The doctor puts a chemical on your face to tear down the outer layer and bring in a new layer of skin with fewer bacteria.
  • IPL. Intense pulsed light can be used in the doctor's office to help decrease the bacteria on your face, back, neck, shoulders, etc.
  • Medications. Accutane, Doxycycline, and other antibacterial medications are used to decrease bacteria. Some of these anti biotics can cause gut issues.
  • PRP. Platelet Rich Protein can be used to decrease acne. Your platelets contain compounds to help with the healing process. There is no downtime. It’s your own body being used to heal your skin, and you don’t have to worry about your liver or gut with this.

I found in my office that using PRP is the best method of treatment. It’s fast. No downtime. It’s safe. It works for Teens and Adults.

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