Tired of Incontinence Yet?

For the women reading this; Do you find yourself using liners daily?  Do you find yourself leaking unexpectedly when laughing… or coughing?

For the men reading this; Do you find yourself with more dribble that you used to have after using the restroom? …and how often do you get up in the middle of the night and wander over to the restroom?  …or did you stop counting and just accept this as part of your new normal… and forget about it?  How often is your entertainment at a movie, a game, or a concert interrupted by a restroom break now that you’re older?  And yes- men too can laugh so hard they pee.  This can happen as you get older.

It can be embarrassing as we discover new surprises with our bodies as we get older.  In the case of incontinence- the embarrassment can lead to loss of activities we used to enjoy.


There’s a New Treatment in Town

Fortunately, there’s a new treatment in town.  At Burns Integrative Wellness Center we have added an EMSella device to our practice.  Treatments are non-invasive.  You remain fully clothed for your sessions.  Sessions are 30 minutes long.  Most patients are scheduled for 6 treatments for Incontinence while seeing improvement after the first or second treatment.

How Does EMSella Work?

One of the factors that leads to urinary incontinence is a weakened pelvic floor.  With weak muscles, it is difficult for the body to control and in some cases prevent the flow of urine.


EMSella uses the same HIFEM technology as EMSculptNEO.  This technology stimulates contractions in targeted muscle groups.  In the case of EMSella, the pelvic floor muscles are activated.  Each session stimulates thousands of contractions.  More powerful than most people could achieve with kegel exercises on their own.  For most patients, 6 sessions is recommended.

Another advantage of these treatments is that it is non-invasive.  No anesthesia is needed.  You remain fully clothed for the whole treatment.

With the pelvic floor muscles strengthened, it is easier and more natural for the body to control release of urine from the bladder.  With bladder control reclaimed it is easier to get back to an active lifestyle.  Many patients tell us this treatment provides a huge improvement in their lifestyle.  It’s “Game Changing”.


Schedule a Consultation Today

If you’re ready to reclaim your life from endless trips to the restroom.  If you’re ready to live again, be active and laugh without the embarrassment of unexpected leaks- schedule a consultation today.  Dr Jennifer Burns, NMD will work with you to identify an appropriate treatment plan.


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