EMSculpt NEO

A New Way to Increase Muscle and Reduce Fat

After age 30, our body fat will steadily go up.  This happens as out metabolism naturally slows down.  Our muscles can play an important role in shifting our metabolism back in the right direction.

Metabolism is actually a measure of how efficient the muscle cells of our body burn energy, or the calories we take in.  Even if you were to keep your caloric intake exactly the same as you get older, those unused calories are converted into fat.  Not only is this affected by age, hormones can shift as we get older.  Some medications can lead to an increase in fat.

We All Battle the Buldge

As we get older, all of us battle the bulge.  Fortunately, there are many treatment available to help us return to a healthy, vibrant, active body.


How Does this Work?  What can I Expect?


Words can only come so close to explaining how a treatment works and feels.  We’ll do our best here with this page to help you understand.

HIFEM or High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Frequency technology is at the heart of the EMSCULPT NEO ®.  EM waves are focused on muscle groups.  This focused energy is used to bypass the brain and trigger muscle contractions.  When you sit down for a session, you will feel different patterns of waves- each with a slightly different purpose, but all of them collectively working to maximize the amount of exercise a muscle group can work through in a session.  Many describe it as a tingling sensation in the treatment area.  One of the patterns is designed to help push lactic acid out of the muscles.  This helps explain why a muscle group can be pushed to thousands of contractions during a session without typical soreness from the gym.

While we’re on the topic of lactic acid and muscle soreness; while not required, detox IV sessions like the Blue IV are recommended to help cleans the body of lactic acid and other toxins that are released as muscle is built and fat cells are broken down. These IV’s can help with EMSCULPT NEO session as well as traditional gym workout sessions.

The EMSCULPT NEO also has additional technology not available on it’s predecessor, the EMSculpt. There is additional technology that will heat up fat tissue. This additional heat aids in the breakdown of fat tissue.

Building muscle mass alone will help increase your metabolism. After a session or two, you may notice your body has different cravings.  This is a good time to make improvements in diet and lifestyle if you haven’t already done so. In addition to the muscle increase, there is fat breakdown. The two work together to tone target areas of the body.

What Are Some Common Treatment Areas of the Body?

ABS, Almost Everyone Starts with Their Abdomen.

ABS are a difficult area to work and most of our bodies put fat here early on and release it from this area last… if ever.  The EMSCULPT NEO uses the larger applicators on this area.  For most individuals, it is recommended to start with 4 sessions in this area with one session per week.  The body will continue to improve for several months after your first 4 sessions.


Saddle Bags- Outer Thighs Area

While this treatment can help reduce fat and build muscles in the thighs, if you have a hormone imbalance that is at the root of your excessive thighs- you’ll benefit from addressing the hormone imbalance.  Dr. Jennifer Burns, NMD has worked with many patients, both men and women to balance out their Testosterone and Estrogen levels.


The saddlebags is a popular area for many women.  Some men who have had a hormone imbalance benefit from this area as well.  Some individuals that may not have excessive fat in this area are interested in building additional muscle to help increase their overall metabolism.

Back of Thighs

The back, front and outer thighs [Saddle Bags] are all treated using the larger applicator.

Inner Thighs

For inner thigh treatment, notice the smaller applicator.  The smaller applicator is typically used on the arms, lower leg area and it is also used on the inner thigh area.  because the applicators for the EMSCULPT NEO need to be in direct contact with the skin, it is important to wear undergarments that provide access to the treatment area while still providing sufficient modesty during the treatments.

Front of Thighs


With the buttocks, you will need to wear a thong or another high cut style undergarment that will allow the applicator to be in full contact with the skin while providing coverage of your genital area.


With arms, the smaller applicator are used.  If you are coming in for a treatment in one of the arm areas, you’ll want to wear a short sleeve T-shirt or a tank top.


Schedule Your EMSCULPT NEO Consultation Today


Many individuals have improved their health and lifestyle with EMSCULPT NEO.  Treatments are part of their shift back to an active lifestyle.  Others simply enjoy having a sculpted body.  Schedule an initial consult today.  Lets work together on a treatment plan that will help reclaim the life you want to have.